We love getting people together!

Whether that is creating a bijou event that is themed within an inch of its life or a huge international trade fair, we are the experts at putting the right people together to have a great time while expanding their networks and businesses.

From product launches to lifestyle clubs to filling exhibition halls, come to us for original ideas, focussed database creation and marketing and energetic audience acquisition.

Events, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. We take an inclusive approach and nothing is too big or small for Pink, Auld & Brown to tackle.

The Pink, Auld & Brown Book Club

The book club returns on Wednesday 10 March at 6.30pm with the wonderful author, journalist and podcast host Georgina Lawton. Georgina’s book ‘Raceless’ is a stunning family memoir exploring race, identity and the effect of long-held secrets on a happy family.

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