Behind the scenes

Drumroll please for the fantastic student volunteers from the UK and Australia who have catapulted Georgette Heyer into a digital world.

Emma Robson is currently a student of Publishing on the UCL MA programme. She is an aspiring publisher, foreign language enthusiast, and hardcore cat lover.

Giulia Vidoni is an MA Publishing student at UCL. She is a Commissioning Editor and Peer Review Manager for UCL’s Interscript Journal and an Ancient Languages translator and enthusiast. Dabbling in complaining and pedantry she occasionally tweets @GiuliaVidoni

LinLi Wan is a Brisbane-based reader, editor, and bookseller. She is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts/Law at the University of Queensland.

In her spare time, she edits fiction for the Australian literary journal, Voiceworks, and occasionally tweets @linliwan_.

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